free at last

Because P.S.H. is a truly private and personal healing process, there are no testimonials from clients on my website.

I can tell you about my own P.S.H. experience, though. At the first visit with a P.S.H. therapist, I learned a lot about how my subconscious works, and what I could do to make changes for myself at the subconscious level. I don't remember very much about how I made the changes I wanted to make, because everything happened for me at a level far below the level of my conscious mind.

I remember that the entire process was gentle, and really quite special. I remember being excited as I began to notice that I was feeling, and behaving, differently. I remember that most of the changes took place after the P.S.H. sessions, over a period of time.

My experience is not unique. Many people experience major changes to their health and happiness as a result of working with a P.S.H. therapist. With a little help, they have called on the infinite wisdom of their subconscious and let go of the inner tensions that previously ruled their lives.

For most people, it is relatively simple to do.