about me

Have you ever wondered why some people seem happy with themselves and their lives, and many others don't? I have.   

It wasn't until I studied P.S.H., however, that I realised that the reason didn't matter.

What matters is that it is possible to change unwanted responses, behaviours and feelings that seem to originate from deep within ourselves, in parts of ourselves that often don't respond to our conscious efforts to change. 

I found that tremendously exciting. I still do.

I have been a student of human behaviour throughout my life, during my long career as a teacher, and more recently, in the public sector.

I have met many people troubled by aspects of themselves that they wanted to change. They tried to change, and in spite of having made every effort, in many cases, they were unsuccessful.

Now I know what these people need to do to be different.

Did I mention that I am tremendously excited by that?